How to Remove Ice From the Roof

Snow and ice can significantly damage a roof, causing the need for thousands of dollars in repairs. It is important to remove snow and ice from the roof before it causes this massive amount of damage. Products are available to install on the roof to prevent the problem from the start, such as the roof deicing cable. However, there are also many viable techniques that work well to remove snow and ice that’s accumulated on the roof.

Determine Why You Have Ice Dams

Usually ice dams are caused by improper attic insulation or by a lack of roofing ventilation. Determine the cause of the ice dams and repair that problem to prevent future issues from arising. It is a much more viable solution to make these corrections than to endure damages later or to cause the need to replace the roof sooner than anticipated.

roof deicing cable

Snow Rake Removal

A snow rake is an important tool that every homeowner should have sitting in their garden shed. This rake is a multi-purpose tool that can remove ice from the roof without risking injury in the process, as well as to remove snow from other areas of the property. This is an investment worth making!

Ice Melters

Many ice melting products are sold at retailers across the globe. The costs of such a product vary, as does the results. However, they’re usually fairly cheap and may provide results that save you from calling in a professional for assistance.

Use an Ice Pick

An ice pick is another useful tool that can remove the ice from your roof. To use an ice pick to remove the ice, you’ll need a ladder to climb on to reach the areas where ice damming has occurred. Nothing is more important than you safety, so do take every precaution possible to protect yourself when climbing on a ladder/roof.